My Defeat is Jesus’ Victory

I read an article this morning in which one sentence caught my attention. You don’t have to be a victim of your failures, shortcomings, or circumstances. Every obstacle, every failure, every defect, every unmet need is a chance for Jesus to move on your behalf to prove Himself in your life, and bring Him  glory. […]

Craving Growth

God is Good. His plan is for our good and never our harm. Every joyful moment, every painful moment, every mistake and every success are all part of His greater plan to make us more like Jesus. Hurting is not fun. But just as a child has growing pains, our emotional pain is an instrument […]

Whispered Lies

The devil has a way of sneaking up on you and whispering lies into your ear, causing you to doubt what you know to be true, and to question things that don’t have answers. I started out strong today. I started my day sure of my direction. I woke up ready to let it all […]

Pain in the Distance

We live in a world where it can take less than six hours to go from one coast to the next in the United States. We live in a disconnected world with family and loved ones spread between states or even continents. Distance takes its toll on relationships. Relationships that are otherwise healthy and strong, […]

The Weakness in Strength

I struggle to ask for help. Not the kind of help necessary to move a piece of furniture, but real help. The kind that meets a need. Think about years past, neighborhoods full of close friends helping each other out, meeting for chats on the porch, sipping iced tea as the kids grew up together […]

The Haze in My Future

I wouldn’t say I live life in the moment as a general rule. I live life for the future but appreciate the moments when they come.  Sometimes when I look at the big picture and focus too much on all of that, I get overwhelmed so I focus in on something I can do in […]

It’s His Story

Today I read something somewhat similar to this: [Our lives are part of a larger story. Everything we do, every experience, and everything that happens advances the plot. Try as we might, it is not our story to write. Our author is the Lord and He has the whole story-line laid out, our job is […]

I Stopped Praying

  As I have been going through this journey of refocusing my life on the Lord and what my responsibilities are as a child of the Most High I have been seeking understanding. Sunday, while speaking with a new friend she asked me what my prayer life was like. My first response was to tell […]

Hope in the Pain

Last night my dreams were filled with sadness, hopelessness, and regret. I saw what I would become if I let go of hope. What is Hope? It is many things to many people, and like so many things, it is different in different times in our lives. As children, we hope for the shiny new […]

Light and Momentary Troubles

“I have promised to meet all your needs according to my glorious riches. Your deepest most constant need is for my peace. I have planted peace in the garden of your heart where I live but there are weeds growing there too. Pride, worry, selfishness, unbelief. I am the Gardener and I am working to […]

Broken at His Feet

“There are intractable obstacles I must overcome to make you holy. Shattered dreams that bring so much pain into your life that it’s difficult to welcome the opportunity they provide for new levels of trust.” Wow, God is amazing. He has given us everything we need to understand Him and who we are in Him. […]

Slippery Slope of Compromise

I’ve often talked of the slippery slope. How one compromise leads to another, and then another, until you have fully lost sight of who you are and what is right and good. Man I slipped. No, I didn’t reach bottom – praise the Lord for that – but I slipped. I didn’t see it happening […]

Joy in the Journey

God has given us a great capacity to love. He has given us many opportunities for blessing and for growth. He gives us those opportunities and brings us what we need to fulfill these pieces of our life, it is up to us to grab hold and grow. So what do you do when you finally […]