Hidden in the Walls

I have recently had opportunity to share some childhood stories that have brought some surprised looks, questioning glances, and straight out laughter. One story in particular consistently brings a shaking of the head from the person to which it is told and it is fun to watch the reactions after the tale has been completed.

There are six of us kids, all within seven years. When we were very young our parents would go out from time to time and bring in a babysitter – never the same one twice mind you, but from time to time some poor soul would brave the chaos that was our family.  We weren’t bad kids, just mischievous and that wasn’t always well received. For example in one house, because it was so small mom had cut holes in the walls for our dressers. So naturally the space behind the walls became excellent hiding places, especially from babysitters. – I think we all still feel a little badly over the one girl who sat on the couch and cried until our parents came home.

It is fun to hide; when playing the game there can be such a strong sense of satisfaction with being the last to be found, or to never be found.  Sometimes it is good to hide, to take a moment and get away, to find a quiet place to be alone, and just be still with no distractions and no responsibility.  A place to take a breath and clear the mind.

Psalm 32:7 For you are my hiding place; you protect me from trouble. You surround me with songs of victory.

David wrote this during the time when he was on the run for his life, day after day he hid in caves, traveled through the countryside and did his best to avoid detection. During that time he turned to the Lord for protection, direction, and guidance.

The Lord has given us the same promise, when we allow Christ to be our hiding place, when we intentionally seek His will for our lives, He watches over us, and protects and guides us along the pathway He has prepared in advance.

That is not all David had to say, in verse 8 he records the Lord’s response “I will guide you along the best pathway for your life. I will advise you and watch over you.

When life becomes overwhelming or when you are faced with something that seems too big to handle, know that the Lord is at the ready, open arms, waiting to bring you into His victory and be your hiding place.  There is nothing too big for Him to handle, there is no brokenness too damaged for Him to fix, and there is no hurt too painful for Him to heal. Next time you feel like running to other distractions, run to the Lord and find shelter in His arms.

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