My Heart’s Desire

Psalm 37:4 is one of those verses that you find on coffee mugs, keychains, cell phone covers, pillows, you name it and you can likely find it. It is a verse used as encouragement to the hurting, and to give hope in moments when a person is feeling hopeless. “Delight yourselves in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart.” Pretty uplifting. But have we twisted what that verse is saying to make it into something that will make us feel good about wanting something specific?

It is so exciting to know – without question – that God is going to give me the desires of my heart, this is one of His promises. But what I am realizing is I don’t fully know what the desires of my heart are. I know the desires of my thoughts, my mind and my emotions, but God doesn’t promise He is going to give me the desires of my thoughts, His promise involves the heart. Yet so often I try to make His promises fit into what I want today, in this world, and though the things I hope for seem to be right and godly they are earthly desires – they are temporary.

When we are walking with Him – when we delight ourselves in the Lord and our hearts are connected to Him, our desire is eternal. The world only has so much to offer but because of Jesus’ birth, death and resurrection He has saved us from our sins and we have the freedom to delight in the Lord and live toward eternity.

My heart’s desire will be fulfilled when I meet my Lord and Savior face to face – standing next to my mom and dad in heaven.

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