The Hairs on my Head

I remember as a child sitting quietly beside my dad on the couch talking. I don’t remember the conversation, but I do remember how the conversation made me feel. I remember feeling so important and knowing in that moment that my dad loved me – and I think my little seven year old heart was pretty sure he loved me more than my brothers and sisters.

We were living in Winnipeg Manitoba and dad and I were sitting in the living room when the conversation turned to who loved who more. He looked at me very seriously and said, “Do you know God loves you so much he knows how many hairs are on your head?”

This blew me away, and for years I thought about that, in fact there are still times that I find myself reflecting on this seemingly tiny piece of truth yet seeing the vast meaning behind it.

God loves His children enough that He knows how many hairs are on our heads. He knows our fears and insecurities, He knows our successes, accomplishments, failures, and thoughts, He knows our weaknesses and He knows our strengths. Not only does He know these things about His children, but He created us in His image and purposed us in love.

As I sat next to my dad all those years ago we created a secret hand signal that said I love you. Over the years even when I was a meathead and made dumb choices my dad would give me the signal, and I knew that no matter what, he loved me.

I hope that as you go through your week, you will remember that God loves you, not because of what you do or don’t do. He loves you simply because you are His.

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