Go Ye Therefore

This weekend, a group of men and women will be taking the time during one of their meetings to honor my father for his part in building and growing the ministry, but more so for his part in helping to grow the kingdom of God.

When we received the invitation to attend this service, it filled me with renewed appreciation and reminded me again of the continuous Kingdom focus that marked the life of both my mom and dad. That Dad would be honored in such a way is a testament to the life that he and my mom built together for 50+ years and that he continued after she went home to the Lord.

As I look to the next adventure in my life, my prayer is that in all things I will honor the legacy they have left and continue to build upon the passion they both had for teaching, helping, leading, learning, witnessing, and loving. But more importantly that the Lord would use me to impact the world for Him and that I would have opportunity to show others the love of Jesus.

Romans 10:1 Brothers my heart desire and prayer to God for them is that they may be saved.

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