It is a Temporary Home

When I moved into this house I knew it was a temporary home, I knew that I would not retire in this house and now it is time to pack up my belongings and move on. I have lived in this temporary home for thirteen years. As I begin to pack up the things in this house I realize that, other than a few pictures and clocks, I have not changed a single thing since the day I moved in. Instead I have learned to manage my temporary environment with a plan to pursue a more permanent home later. Thirteen years ago, I didn’t know where that permanent home would be, and today I still don’t. But I do know it isn’t here in this house.

As I have navigated this temporary time in my life I have experienced both heartbreak, and joy beyond measure! A lot has happened in thirteen years. I’ve watched my kids mature into incredible young adults with goals and aspirations that fill me with awe. My heart has swelled with happiness with each story and adventure we have shared. I’ve made wonderful friends, experienced a depth of love I didn’t believe existed, and felt the sting of loss with the death of my parents. A lot has happened in thirteen years, and through the good and the bad God has been there, and I have learned how to trust. (Even though often I forget to do it!)

The name of the LORD is a strong tower; the righteous run to it and are safe. Proverbs 18:10

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