You Are Not Broken Beyond Repair

Have you ever been truly broken. I mean – down on the ground shattered in a thousand pieces, without the strength to even lift your head up to look for help – broken? Have you ever searched in vain for a tiny piece of your world that may have survived? Have you ever found yourself in the deep well of depression, insecurity, and low self esteem with no glimmer of light? Have you ever felt despair through and through, permeating the depth of your soul?

Sometimes our lives become so mixed up and so out of control that it feels like we have reached the bottom and that things couldn’t possibly get worse. For some, this in fact is the case. For others, it is just so hard to see the light through the darkness that we can’t see any hope.

God doesn’t bring us to this point without giving us hope for healing. Not just healing but a full restoration through spiritual rebirth. But how do we find this hope? How do we see beyond the brokenness and through the fog of depression? How do we reach for hope?

If you have been there you know the pain, you know the isolation that comes from feeling alone. At some point you opened your eyes and ears to the gentle voice of our Lord and Savior – at some point you looked up and found Christ reaching through the broken shards of your life, His eyes filled with compassion and his arms open in love. If you have been there you know that Christ can break through, but you also know how important it is to have someone come along side and hold your hand with gentle encouragement for those moments when we are not hearing Christ’s voice.

I pray that if you have been through pain and struggle, no matter the depth, that you have learned from your suffering, and that you have developed an understanding that we are all a little bit broken and we can have compassion on those who are hurting. It may be uncomfortable to reach out a helping hand to someone who is broken, but your loving compassion could be what saves their life.

Jesus didn’t come to this earth to give us an interesting story to tell, He came to redeem.  Sometimes it is by our own choices that we find ourselves in the depths of brokenness, and sometimes it is because of what has happened to us that has bruised our soul and left us lost and alone. This is not Christ’s plan for your life, He desires to give you a new life through Him. He came to seek and to save and wants to walk with you as you emerge from your brokenness, not just whole, but renewed and redeemed.

If you are suffering and hurting, you are not alone. You are not damaged beyond repair, and you are WORTHY of happiness. There is Hope in Christ.

Luke 19:10 For the Son of man came to seek and to save the lost.

If you are dealing with a difficult life issue or need someone to talk to the folks at Hope for the Heart are ready to help with compassion and love. 1-800-488-HOPE (4673)*


*We are not affiliated with Hope for the Heart but have had feedback through the years that gives confidence in their mission and love for the Lord and people.

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