Do You Hope For Someone?

What does it mean to hope for someone? I know we have all had moments where we have hoped for a special gift, or a prize, even waited anxiously for a positive test result. Hope is a good thing and it is an indicator of positive thoughts and feelings.

But what does it mean to hope for SOMEONE. I am not talking about hoping that the boy next door will notice you or that the woman at the supermarket will eventually return your advances. I mean hope for someone in love.

Sadly, it is far too often that we prepare ourselves to be disappointed. This is hoping against someone. Creating a situation out of something that would have had a very different feeling if we weren’t geared up and looking for a reason to be disappointed or angry, is hoping against the good in another, not hoping for.

Love doesn’t hope for bad, love hopes for good. Love doesn’t arm itself with weapons to strike first, love waits and listens. Love doesn’t assume the worst about someone, love sees the good.

Hoping for someone, hoping in the good in that someone, is love.

Don’t let yourself get blinded by the lies of the devil that twist reality into destruction.

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