You Are Great

I have spent much of this night looking at photographs and reliving wonderful and precious moments that make up my life as the daughter of the wonderful man who is my dad. A more committed man you will not find. His love for the Lord and family was evident in everything he did.

My head is reeling right now and my heart is hurting. I want to tell you about my dad. About this man who has reached out and touched the world for the Lord. About this wonderful father who loves his wife, his children, and grandchildren fiercely.
I want to tell you about how he never stopped hoping for me. I want to tell you about how many times he sat quietly on the phone with me and let me cry and hurt and after I got it all out how he would gently encourage me and give me hope and direction. I want to tell you about this wonderful man who frustrated me to no end sometimes but after a moment of reflection I would realize that everything he said was to help me to better understand what was in front of me.
I want to tell you about a warrior for the Word, a warrior who had a heart for guiding the hearts of children and teenagers to the Lord. A warrior who went lovingly into the prisons to minister to those who felt lost. A warrior who traveled the world spreading the gospel and giving guidance to future educational warriors.
I want to tell you about a pastor who was committed to the Lord’s work within the church. Who held fast to doctrine and was unashamed of the gospel. I want to tell you about a man who held the hand of countless as they breathed their last breath and then turned to hold and comfort those left behind. I want to tell you about a pastor who celebrated every birth, milestone and success of those in the congregation and those who he came in contact with. I want you to know about this man who knew the importance of solid leadership in the home, and mentored countless men to show them their responsibilities. I want to tell you how he lived this out with our family, and over the past few years expanded that example to everyone he came in contact with.
I want to tell you about a husband who’s commitment to his wife never wavered. A partner who had fun and laughed and acted silly, I want to share the beauty of the 49 years my dad was with my mom, and how he lovingly held her as she passed just over five years ago. And now to imagine them together dancing in heaven whole and healthy. What a peace that brings.
I want to tell you so much about my dad. Who he was and the strength of his legacy. But most of all, I want to hear him say “You’re great” one more time….
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