Who is Your Boogeyman?

Are you familiar with the children’s show VeggieTales?

If you are, maybe you remember the song God Is Bigger Than the Boogey Man. (I have it linked below) the lyrics go like this, God is bigger than the boogie man, He’s bigger than Godzilla or the monsters on tv – oh God is bigger than the boogie man and He’s watching out for you and me.

So, this post really doesn’t have anything to do with a boogey man, but it does have to do with the reality that God is watching out for you and me. So often I find myself feeling a little insignificant and unnoticed, and this causes me to focus on my fears and concerns. But the thing is, God feels all my fears, He knows all my worries, and when I allow Him to, He guides all my steps.

These last couple of weeks have given me a new perspective on just how much God loves and cares for me, and how much He is protecting me.

I may not have a boogeyman in my life from the outside, but inside my head, my thoughts and fears sometimes are bigger and scarier than any boogey man could be.

God has been teaching me to rein in those fears and to step back and take a moment to redirect my thoughts and reflect on what’s real, and what is true. I am trying to remember to look at my whole life and how God has protected me through the years and has kept me safe from horrible things. God has always been there, and His love for me has never wavered.

Yes, God is bigger than the boogey man even when the boogey man is lurking inside your own thoughts.

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