Happy New Year!

2017 was both incredible and extremely difficult. As I sit and reflect these last few hours I have to stop and smile, because through all the experiences of the past 12 months, I know that God has used and is using each and every one of them as preparation for what is to come next in my life.

Losing my dad in 2016 was, I think more difficult in 2017 because I had to allow for a new norm, and a new reality of neither parent being here to lean on.  And I had to learn to accept that in a real way.  I think part of that acceptance was finally letting go of the last threads of dad’s coattails where it came to my Spiritual walk and fully embracing all that God has created me to be without holding back. Recognizing where my life was not reflecting my faith was a tough realization, but what a joy when I finally fully surrendered and allowed God to show me the areas of my life that needed cleaning up and fully living my life in a way that is pleasing to Him.

In 2017 I made new friends, stepped away from others, let go of old hurts, and rekindled fading relationships. I made a few mistakes, righted a few wrongs, forgave, loved, lived, laughed, and found joy in being me.

As I look toward 2018 I am not looking back, the experiences of 2017 have allowed me to grow and flourish in ways that I know will catapult me into whatever God has for my future. I have hopes and dreams that have not faded and I will continue to hold them close to my heart, but I am allowing God to lead me and asking only for what I need to make the next step, I can’t see the top of the staircase, but I will not lug a single piece of baggage any further with me. I will look to 2018 and I will focus on the Lord, my family, my friends, and my job, I will continue to hope, I will love, I will stay the course, run the race, and follow the Lord’s leading. He has prepared me for what I cannot see, and I will rest in Him.

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