Do You Know What He Expects?

I haven’t written in a few days. I have tried, I’ve sat down and put my fingers on the keyboard and willed them to move, but nothing happened.  It isn’t that I haven’t had anything to write about, God has continued to do a good work in me and has continued to work on my thoughts, my heart, and my intentions, but I needed to be quiet for a bit. So, I have been quiet.

There is at least one other post on this blog that speaks about expectations and how expectations can be a hindrance or an encouragement. Expectations are a big part of everyone’s life.

On Sunday I had a conversation with my son about stealing. We have never had an issue with stealing in our house and it has always been something that has made me very proud of the kids. So, I asked my son what his thoughts were on why we didn’t have that problem in our home.

His response was simple. “you expected us not to.” I used to leave money laying around the house all the time. Small bills, usually, but I do remember leaving a gifted $50 on my dresser for months and it never moved. I can’t say that I didn’t have a thought that it might disappear, but he was right, I expected it not to. I expected the kids to do the right thing and they lived up to that expectation.

God also has expectations for us as believers. Expectations on how we are to live our lives, how we are to interact with others, and how we should be meeting the needs of those less fortunate, (among other things). How do we know what His expectation is for our life? Scripture. It is all spelled out for us, complete with storied examples and direct instruction.

The thing is, when we have expectations for our kids and they live up to them, it makes life in the home peaceful. When we live up to God’s expectation of us, it brings peace to our hearts.

Open the Bible and let Him reveal His instruction and show you your responsibility.

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