Can You Hear Me Now?

Do you remember when telephones were connected to a wall? Do you remember even further back to party lines and switchboards? We have come a long way with our ability to communicate with each other, between telephones, email, text messages, cell phones, even video phones there are multiple ways to connect with those we want to talk to, instant access, instant communication, instant connection.

It is so easy to reach out to others when we are feeling happy, or sad. When we have hardship in our lives and need to talk it out, or send a short text, it is simple to reach in a pocket and pull out an instant communication device.

Do you know that we have always had instant communication ability with God? Do you know that prayer can happen anywhere, anytime, in any situation? Do you know we can never interrupt God or pull Him from something more important so we can talk through our feelings?

God has given us direct access through prayer whenever we need to call out, whether that calling out is in praise, or in need, He is ready to hear our voice.

This morning while reading Philippians 3 it occurred to me that, though I have been praying most of my life and had times where I felt very close with the Lord, I have also had times where I felt there was a bad connection, But even so, He always hears my prayers.

Lately, I have found immense joy in praying for other people, praying for their successes and hoping for their futures. Not just my immediate family but prayers for those I may not have opportunity to see anymore, or who I have lost contact with, but still the Lord is bringing them to my heart in prayer and it feels great!

We have a direct line to Christ anytime we want, no signals to worry about, no concern for interrupting Him, and complete certainty that He is hearing our every word.

Prayer is a gift that has no boundaries and is always available.

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