Perseverance Brings Success

I remember back in 1988 when we had the Olympic games in Calgary. The fun all started with the running of the torch and the Olympic flame came right through our town. Right past our house. We, like most of the town lined up with our candles as the runner came trotting down the road toward us, watching in excitement as he stopped every so often to light someone’s candle, who in turn, would light their neighbors candle and so on. Imagine our excitement when he ran right up to my sister and I and we were both able to light our candles directly from the torch he was carrying. That is a moment I am pretty sure I will never forget, and this is a candle I know I will never discard.

I think that was the moment that my sister decided she wanted to be an Olympic champion and the sport she decided that she was going to compete in was gymnastics. Gymnasts were so much fun to watch and the sport itself didn’t look that hard, so my older sister began dreaming.

It takes more than dreaming to achieve a goal. It takes work, commitment, dedication, and perseverance. My sister never took a gymnastics class, but she did find a love and passion for softball, and she played every game with all she had. At some point the dream of going to the Olympics settled and she found herself okay with national and international tournaments. She still had a flicker of her childhood dream but it seemed farfetched. Then, unexpectedly she got a second chance. The Canadian Olympic Softball team recruited her to play in the 2008 games. Unfortunately, just days before she was to leave,  she had an accident that disqualified her from going; but for a moment she tasted again the excitement of competing on a global scale and was able to recognize that it was hard work that brought her to that place.

Commitment and dedication are crucial to success, whether it is success in business, athletics, school, and most importantly relationships. A relationship is not a goal to achieve. A solid worthwhile relationship is a blessing that grows every day. Can you imagine how things would change if your thoughts and mind stayed focused on the relationships that are important. If giving up was not an option even when things got tough or began to require work? Can you imagine how your life would blossom with focused hard work and dedication in relationship?

Life is not about getting through the next day, it isn’t about making the most money you can and it isn’t about being the best at something. Life is about being the best you in every situation and pursuing the best for each and everyone you love.

When things feel shaky, that is when you double down and work even harder.

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