Pain of Living

“Without hope, faith yields to doubt and cynicism, and love suffocates in the pain of living.”

I received an email today from a dear friend, and included in this email was that statement.  I know that the Lord reaches out to us with what we need when we are seeking to hear His voice, and this letter could not have been better timed.

I am struggling today, I won’t get into the whys and the hows but, suffice it to say that I am struggling. It seems that when things are going well, or when things are moving smoothly, something comes along and throws crap all over it. I spent the night last night in anger and hurt. Discouraged and frustrated over the events of the evening. And I don’t want to just be okay with it. I do that over and over and the only thing it brings me is deeper discouragement and frustration when something else comes along.

So how does the above sentence fit into this scenario? I guess it is more about the rest of the letter. It is about how we must first relate in love. How each and every situation is handled better when handled with love. And it isn’t our love we are showing when we respond this way. It is to be a reflection of the love we have for the Lord, but more than that it is a reflection of the love He has for us.

Right now I don’t want to love. Last night I did not respond in love. I responded in hurt. Life is not easy, in fact right now life is really hard in many ways. There truly is pain in living, and without hope in the Lord there is nothing but emptiness and more pain.

I don’t know how my attitude will change as the day moves on. I don’t know how I will handle the inevitable conversation, and I don’t know right now how to get un-mad. I know I need to look to the Lord for those answers. But right now I am comfortable in my anger. My prayer is to change that quickly today.

Don’t let the feeling of hopelessness allow the pain of living to take root. Having faith in the Lord and trusting in His promise – that He only has the best intentions for us – is the only way to go.


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