Mothers Day

This Mother’s Day, instead of giving you the dry history of Mother’s Day and how over the centuries countless attempts were made to establish a single day where Moms were recognized and honored for reasons ranging from contributions to society, to women who lost sons in the war, to a day giving warring families a chance to safely reconnect, I would like to go another direction. Instead of telling you how Anna Jarvis finally got the right idea in 1910 and suggested a blanket honoring of Mom’s after her mother’s death, I am going to tell you about the example my mom set for her children. My mother was key in the forming and molding of her children into the people we are today. We are far from perfect. My mom, on the other hand, in the eyes of her six children, was perfect. Not flawless, but perfect. Every so often I write bits about this wonderful lady, and I find myself beginning to sound repetitive. I note that the words all begin to sound the same but as time goes on and I continue to grow as a person, my mother is still teaching me. As I find myself drawing from her teaching and example, my love and respect for her grows.

I recently was asked to summarize my mom in one sentence. How do you summarize a woman who always found time for each of her six children? A woman who built her life around caring for, teaching, and helping her children to learn and grow? A woman who customized classes and lessons to present in Sunday School or school, lessons that were created specifically so she could reach one of her children with a truth we were missing or ignoring, while helping others who may be struggling with the same. A woman who patiently stood next to us and taught us how to sew, cook, clean, paint, repair small appliances, garden, swim, play softball, do crafts, Algebra, write, study, accept responsibility when we did wrong, and show compassion on those who wronged us. How could I possibly summarize the woman who was never too busy for her children, no matter how old we got.  She helped us to take all the lessons and truths she taught us and showed us how to apply those to our own children. Her Grandchildren.  There is only one way to even begin to summarize my incredible mom and it isn’t in a sentence. As I reflect on my Mom and who she is only one word comes to mind. LOVE. My mom is Love: sacrificial, unconditional, selfless, dedicated, honoring, LOVE.


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