Farewell old home

Day by day I walk the path
That God has set before me
Night after night I trudge along
Like so many have before me.

These past few weeks have been so hard
as we prepare to say goodbye
not to you and not to love
but to the things still left inside.

The house is on the market now
and we are cleaning it with drive
each moment brings a memory
and a love from deep inside.

I miss you mom with every breath
with every passing day.
I hold tight to the memories
you helped make along the way

Today I sat in the living room
and thought of your fun laugh
I felt the warmth of your sweet smile
and the strength within your path

I spent some time at the table too
and remembered all the games
we sat and played for hours it seemed
and they ended all the same

The yard was nice to walk around
each step another thought
of words spoken so wise and lovingly
no matter what I life had brought

I miss you mom today and still
time doesn’t change that truth
you will always be a part of here
though you are not here under the roof.

A house is just an earthly place
we can store up all our things
the treasures you have given us
have helped to give us wings.

So thank you mom for all you did
to bring me to this place
of strength and peace and happiness
I’m  missing your sweet grace.


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