A Final Farewell

Yesterday we said our final farewell to the house and turned over the keys to it’s new owner. This has been a tough couple of months with trying to make decisions on what to keep, what to sell and what to save for family. Each shelf, each closet and so many trinkets brought back some sort of memory, some we were able to speak about and some just caused silent reflection. (although many items brought with them a baffled shaking of a head and a sometimes a laughing…WHY do we have this? Scraps of paper, ancient bulletins, broken lamps…etc.) The phrase “DO YOU KNOW WHAT THAT IS” has echoed almost non-stop in my head since late-July. haha (I love you Dad.. 🙂 )

Yesterday was a weird day all the way around. In the morning it was cool and crisp with bright blue skies and sunshine, by late morning the sun was full on and it had warmed up considerably. As noon slipped by the temperatures started to drop and between 3 and 6 it went from sunny and cold to cloudy, to spritzing, then full on rain which turned to sleet followed by the peaceful fluttering of huge and beautiful snowflakes. The kind that land on your jacket and are clear enough to make out the crystal design. The weather was very fitting with the full range of emotions of the day as well.
Closing was mid-morning and the new owners gave us the afternoon to wrap up what was left. It was well after six by the time we got the last items out. As everyone else left to go unload the trailer I was able to take some time by myself in the quiet of the evening and walk through each room of the house. As I walked I prayed for each of you and each of the kids and their futures. I found myself thanking the Lord for giving us a family that brings so many warm and amazing memories even in moments of sadness. In my last few minutes Dad and I prayed together over the phone as I sat on the livingroom floor in the exact place that mom spent her final moments on this earth before going home. It was painful and emotional but while dad was praying the Lord brought such fun and happy memories into his heart and we laughed even through the tears as he thanked Him for all that He has blessed us with.
As I walked out of the door and turned to take one last look before closing this chapter of our family book I smiled. With that smile brought the recognition that though this house is full of moments it is just a temporary place where we stopped for a bit on our journey and those moments are part of what is making this journey a wonderful one.
As the latch found its mark I gathered up all the memories and the fun and the special moments that the house represents and carried them out with me. This house can’t hold these moments and memories hostage, they are our moments, our treasures and pieces of our family that are why we are the solid family that we are.
I love you guys and am thankful beyond words for all that the Lord has blessed us with and all that we are to each other.
I ‘m sitting here today smiling through he tears as I look at our family photo. We are blessed. And I can’t wait until the reunion this summer when we can all be together in one place once again.
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