Because He Loves Me

I couldn’t sleep last night. I lay awake for hours distracted by thoughts and ideas, regrets and conviction, and hopes and dreams. I won’t describe all the different thoughts because we just don’t have the time, but with each reflection I found myself looking to the Lord for direction in a new way. I have been so selfish with my love, I have held on to things I had no business holding on to, and I trusted myself with my treasures more than I trusted God. He has been working in my life over the past weeks, convicting me of sin and selfishness, He has been gently and not so gently pulling me back to Him.

Why? Because He loves me.

On Sunday the pastor talked about love, God’s love for us, and what that means. He challenged us with this truth: To fully understand the love of God, you first have to understand the love that it required of God.

He sacrificed His Son.

Because He loves me.

The pastor then proceeded to show us a brief clip from the movie The Passion of the Christ. I have seen the movie a few times, but I sat watching that clip with the intent of seeing Christ’s sacrifice in a new way. Thankfully we weren’t shown the realistic whipping scene, no, he chose to show us the scene leading up to it where Jesus stood at the ready and accepted MY PUNISHMENT. In the movie Jesus looked up to the Lord and quoted Psalm 108 – My heart is ready, Father. My heart is ready.

What a powerful message of love. Selfless, compassionate, intentional love.

So, back to my middle of the night musings. It was 2:14 in the morning and I suddenly had a strong desire to read 1 Samuel.  What a love story! Hannah gave her son to the Lord’s service after years of barrenness. She showed selfless, compassionate, intentional love not just for her son, but for the Lord.

My prayer today: Lord give me opportunities to show selfless, compassionate, intentional love, and to be a reflection of Jesus through my life.


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