What Will They Remember?

I was thinking about what will happen when I die. Not wondering where I will go or anything like that. I know I am a child of God and will join my parents in heaven. But I was thinking about what will happen here on earth. So many things seem so important. Meetings, appointments, bills, disagreements. Just to name a few.

On the day I die those things will go unattended. The disagreements that I have will not matter anymore. The appointments will be filled by other clients and the bills paid by …well, my children. All the wonderful and amazing plans I have for my life will remain unreached. The material things I treasure so much will be discarded or given away. Perhaps a small collection will be set aside in remembrance. Every superficial, unimportant thing will fade away.

Yes, one day I will die, but I am alive now and while I am still alive I will try my best not to waste a second of the time I am here. I will try not to squander priceless moments with those I love, worrying about things that I can’t control or even see.

While I am still alive I will not allow unimportant things to rob me of the joy in the ever-fleeting, quickly passing, evaporating now, with those I love and with those who love me. ┬áThere are so few things that truly matter in the day to day, I will not let my life be stolen by worries over these things, because on the day I die and take my place in glory, it won’t matter.

Things will change though. Things will change for those who love and care about me. The day I die will bring pain to some, an emptiness to others, and a passing regret to still others. For those who know me well they will grieve, perhaps feel as if a part of them died as well. Perhaps they will wish for more time, or one last conversation. I know this because I have felt some of those same things when grieving others. I don’t want to die, it will happen because everyone dies. It will hurt, but those left behind will survive.

But what will they remember?





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