Unexpected Triggers

Does anyone truly understand the impact that emotional triggers have on the lives of those who have experienced trauma? I think often we look at what we have learned to categorize as ‘triggers’ and we do whatever we can to hide from them. Perhaps this is the wrong approach. Perhaps what we really need to consider is that when something triggers a memory, a feeling, or a fear, perhaps the best thing to do is to acknowledge not just its existence but its validity.

How often do we feel discouraged or weak because we have memories or experiences in our past that cause us to react unexpectedly when something triggers the memories? Maybe this is an opportunity to stop and look at the situation and try to deal with it head on. Not in that moment for sure, but perhaps this is our soul’s way of telling us that we need to take a look and grow past the memory. Easier said than done for sure.

Let’s stop viewing triggers as a negative and start looking at the growth that can come from embracing and finally confronting the trauma.

Healing takes time. But we can heal.

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