The Reality of My Right Now

It is interesting how God opens up understanding of Scripture the more we read it. Today I began reading Matthew, I am quite certain I have read this many times in the past but today I received a very different message than I ever have before.

Can you imagine how Joseph must have felt as he first finds out his fiancé, whom he had never been with sexually was pregnant? I can only imagine the hurt he must have felt upon initially learning this news. Then near the end of her pregnancy they are required to take a long journey to the town of his birth.  Travel back in that day was not comfortable, and it was not quick. Can you imagine how concerned he must have been for his wife and the child she was carrying? Let’s top it off with the reality that for the next few years they were hiding out in a different country because the king wanted to kill their baby. Finally, when they thought they would be able to come home, they found that it still wasn’t safe.  So they went off to live somewhere else. Nazareth. I can’t imagine any of this was what Joseph had imagined for his life. It seems that for the first years of his marriage his right now was unsteady.

Everywhere Joseph turned he was in a position of surrender and obedience. The reality of Joseph’s right now brought about obedience to a loving protective heavenly Father which ultimately led to a full life.

What do we do with our right now’s? Your ‘right now’ is just that. A right now. It is not your destination, it is not your stopping place, it is your right now, and sometimes focusing on living the best you can in your right now is the only way to get through the struggles.

When I look back at the scope of my adult life, I lived in a constant state of “the reality of my right now” and I know that is what got me through the discouragement and helplessness I felt in my home.  Life is full of right now moments that can fill our lives with pain and worry, but the Lord tells us to press on, run the race and live a life obedient to the Lord. Even when that obedience doesn’t seem to make sense because in the end it is all for His glory.

Galatians 6:9 And let us not grow weary while doing good, for in due season we shall reap if we do not lose heart.

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