The Husband In My Future

Recently my friend asked me what I thought about spending time praying for each other’s future spouses. We talked about writing a list of characteristics, qualities, areas of concern, protection etc. and sharing those lists with each other so we could be each be lifting up the future to the Lord.

I have spent a good deal of time thinking about this task and praying about what exactly I am looking for, but more than that, I have been praying about what I should be looking for, hoping for, desiring in a lifelong mate.

This has been a great opportunity to praise the Lord for all He has already blessed me with in life, and to recognize the growth that has occurred over the years, some of those years were pretty tough, but through every experience and each moment in every day He has brought me to this place of humbly asking my Lord and Savior to bring a godly honorable man into my life as my husband.

So what should I be praying for? What if what I want is not what God has in store for me? What if it is? How do I know, and how will I know when to reach out or not? There are so many unanswered questions and often it is hard to step out – or worse, wait in faith.

I have been praying that God’s will be done, I have tried to let loose of my desires and the control and allow Him to lead both my heart and the heart of my hope. There are times when I believe I have finally given Him the controls, but there are other moments when I feel an anxious need to act. I am a doer and not doing is tough. But overall I am resting in Him.

The whole point of prayer is to grow closer in our relationship with God. The more we allow Him to speak into us and listen to what He is saying to us, the more He shapes our desires from what we want, to what He wants.

Believe God is able, Trust Him. God is calling us to a faith understanding that His plan is bigger than our desires.  So the first step I need to take in praying for my future husband is first praying for me – as a future wife.


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