The Headstone Arrived

I miss you Dad.
I still can see the look in your eyes
The day you slipped away.
You knew,
but I wasn’t ready.
There was nothing you could say.

I lost a piece of my heart that day
A part of me died too
It hurts,
I wasn’t ready
Oh how I still need you.

I pick up the phone to call you up
And realize oft too late.
I miss your voice,
Your laugh, your smile
And the wise words you’d always say

This is not how it was supposed to be
And now you’ve gone away
I’m sad
I feel so lost inside
Oh how I hate that day.

Though I’m one step closer to saying goodbye,
I still can’t accept you’re gone.
My heart hurts
I’m not ready
It all just feels so wrong.

I have a long way to go to accept the truth
Though the tears have started to fall
I’m empty
I hurt inside
So I hide behind my wall.

The memories of you and mom
I treasure in every way
You’re gone
But you are together
And we will see you again one day.

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