The Closed Door

One year ago today I closed the door on a past that had haunted me for far too long.
I still remember that day vividly and actually it gives me chills. The good kind. I don’t want to go back there emotionally or mentally to explain what that day brought but I do want to share how this past year has changed me.  I still have some fears, insecurities, and still believe some of the lies that had become such constant part of my daily dialogue both internally and externally, but I am healing and I am surrounded by broken pillars of lies that no longer define me.

The Lord has been a constant in my life even when I was ready to give up, and ready to throw away everything. The Lord was there to gently remind me that I am His and He loves me. I can’t tell you how many times I clung to that truth over the years. You see the Lord saved me when I accepted him as my Savior but he continues to save me daily.

I am in a very different place emotionally and spiritually than I was one year ago today. I have surrendered and I have opened my heart. With that opening I have experienced intense pain and fear but I have also experienced love and been able to open myself up to love others. I did not realize how closed off I was or how badly I was hurting.

There is hope for the hurting. There is healing for the broken, and there are truths to counter the lies. Don’t give up!

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