Pain in the Pulse

Today when I was doing my devotions (which in all honestly yesterday I started doing them again after too many years away) Anyway, today’s was on Psalm 74:1-9 which is a call from David to God because he felt that God had turned his back.

As I was reading it I started thinking about all the times in my life things have happened that made me feel like God didn’t care, or that I didn’t understand, and how for a lot of years I thought it disrespectful to the Lord to question Him and His plan.

But one of the great things about a real and true relationship with the Lord is that we can tell Him when we feel rejected, we can tell him exactly what we think of something that is happening in life. Right now, because of an act of terrorism against a club full of innocent people, the people in our country are feeling confused and angered. On Sunday morning a club in downtown Orlando Fl was attacked by an Islamic terrorist because he did not agree with the lifestyle of the club goers. More than 100 were injured and more than 50 died during this attack. How could God let that happen? Why did He let that happen? Two questions we will never have answers to this side of heaven but we can still ask Him. We can still tell Him how much it scares us, hurts us, makes us feel like He has turned His back on us. We can still put a voice to the thoughts we pretend not to have. Sometimes things in life are too crazy to understand. Sometimes allowing yourself to cry out to God and tell Him how angry a situation makes you, can in fact help with healing.

I am not supposing to know how anyone else is feeling right now, I do know that Sunday hit very close to home for a lot of people and even though many of us don’t know the victims, just knowing that they are a person, knowing they have a mom, dad, sister, brother, cousins, friends who are hurting over the senselessness of this murder hurts. And it is scary.

Now is the time to come together in comfort. Now is the time to help.

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