A Hopeful Memory Walk

Tonight I walked along the street
The darkness all around
I thought of you and watched my tears
disappear there on the ground.

I strolled alone along the road
remembering your love
I felt your presence ever near
And your strength from up above.

I pondered too the lessons learned
throughout my life with you
the loving truths the caring ways
that enveloped all you’d do

The air outside was cold and crisp
As I gazed up at the sky
The memories poured down my face
While I stood out there and cried

I miss you mom so very much
And wish that you could share
In all the changes life has brought
I know that you would care

I found my way back to the park
And sat upon the swing
And remembered how you gave me hope
That love one day would ring

I remembered your sweet loving words
That brought me hope and healing
My God had not forgotten me
And knew how I was feeling.

You cried that day and held my hand
Begging me to see
That He had some amazing plan
And was not yet done with me

I smiled today out in the snow
As I sat upon that swing
And focused on the gift of you
And the joy my memories bring

While walking home this cold dark night
I thought about your plea
The unbroken circle hand in hand
Our family in eternity.


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