Is There Hope in This Hell

I guess everybody’s got a story to tell
I guess everybody’s got a wound to heal
I want to believe that there is hope in this hell
I want to believe there is beauty to feel
I get so tired of holding on
I can’t let go, I can’t move on
I want to believe there is meaning here
I want to live today without any fear.

How many times do I have to cry
How many times must I feel the pain
How do I spend another night
How do I give up another fight

Just keep breathing
Just keep healing
Just keep hoping
Just keep hurting
Just keep crying
Just keep feeling the pain

Standing on a road that I didn’t plan
Standing and wondering how I got where I am
Standing in fear and hurt and tears
Standing in sadness of the betrayal of years

Though I walk
Though I walk through the shadows
Though I weep
Though I weep in the darkness
Though I fail
Though I fail in what matters

God please take this pain
God please take this hurt
God please send me your strength
God I need your help
God I need your love

Carry me now


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