I’m Tired of Being Ordinary

I had a pretty good childhood. Full of adventure, love, acceptance, and instruction in the Lord. My dad was a pastor and we moved a lot. I think this is why we all, (my brothers and sisters and I) are pretty close as adults. We relied on each other for friendships with each move, until we could connect with the kids in the new towns.

I wouldn’t say that as a kid I was an extrovert, but I did learn how to go out and make friends. Sometimes it was hard because there really wasn’t anything special about me. I was kind of dorky, a little insecure, not musically inclined, I could play sports but I was average and was never actually great at anything I tried. I wasn’t ugly but I also wasn’t anything to look at, and I was a bit awkward.

When we were kids, our dad would make a point pretty much every day to tell us we were great, and I loved to hear it, but the reality was, there was nothing special about me.

College, adulthood, marriage, motherhood, divorce.

God used me in some way in each of these seasons in my life, not in any big extraordinary way, but in small ways He used me to impact other’s lives in an ordinary way.

I have begun a new chapter in my life and I don’t want to just be ordinary anymore. I am not talking about in a physical way, I mean I don’t want to be Spiritually ordinary. I don’t want to just be a Christian, I want to be a force for the Lord. I want to live my life for the Kingdom, intentionally and with purpose.

I will always be an ordinary average woman by the world’s standards. But what will I be by God’s standards? Because that is what truly matters!

I want to be extraordinary for the Lord!

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