God’s Healing Grace

The purpose of this site is to talk about healing and hope. As I have gone back through the posts from the past, I found myself removing a large number of my earlier laments because, rather than bring encouragement even now reading them brought discouragement. I am no longer in that place of emotional distress and anxiety. I am still a work in progress, but through the love and grace of God I am healing. Not by my own strength but by the strength found in trusting the Lord and immersing myself in scripture.

Have you ever read the Biblical account of Lydia? If you have a moment I encourage you to go to Mark 5 and read about this woman and the strength of her faith in verses 21-34.

If you are familiar with Lydia’s story you know that she reached out in faith to touch the hem of Jesus’ robe and in that moment was fully healed. In today’s day and age, the medical field is a multi billion dollar entity. Filled with those who have a heart to help others, and people who want to bring healing to the hurting. But the reality is, even with modern medical advancements they are unable to cure many.

Lydia was one who spent over a decade searching for healing, doctors couldn’t help her, nobody could.

Until one day she heard that Jesus was coming to town. Through faith and with confidence in the healing grace of Jesus she covered herself up and reached out for Jesus’ help. And He healed her. Her faith healed her.

Last year when I began going through therapy to fully deal with the struggles of my past, the chaos in my head became a horrible place, I couldn’t reside there, so I searched for distraction. Life became an internal struggle just to function.

Then one day I truly turned my heart to the Lord and in an instant He healed my deepest hurts. In the blink of an eye He took my pain and sorrow, my self-loathing and insecurities, and He gave me love and hope.

It took finally reaching a place of fully trusting the Lord with my brokenness to find the hope and healing that changed my life.

Daughter your faith has healed you. Go in peace and be freed from your suffering. Mark 5:34

Christ doesn’t reserve His healing grace for those we will read about. He willingly gives His healing to all who in faith reach out to Him.


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