Five Minute Warning

Sometimes I procrastinate. Sometimes I don’t do the things I should do when I should do them, and I do the things that don’t need to be done when I should be doing what should be done.  This is okay in the day to day sometimes, because unless there is an urgent need, most things can wait a minute.

I remember when the kids were little and they would be playing quietly, lost in a world of fun and imagined adventure. I remember seeing them there and not wanting to interrupt their play, even though it was time to get ready for bed, or to eat dinner.  Oh sure, there were circumstances where I would say “let’s go right now”, and not really give them the time to finish what they were doing, but for the most part I would try to at least give them a five minute warning.

What does this have to do with adulthood and now? God does the same thing, He nudges us and says “I will give you five more minutes to finish straying and then I am pulling you back.” He doesn’t say this literally, but He does give us time in the darkness. He allows us to experience the emptiness of sin and poor choices. But He will always pull us back. Sometimes his five minute warning is enough for us and we listen on our own. But sometimes He brings us to full brokenness and helplessness before we respond. We are not unlike children in many situations.

God is a loving, compassionate, merciful God of grace. But He will not be mocked and He will not allow us to go out and sin while claiming to represent Him. He will love us back to Him, but sometimes that love hurts.

What are you waiting for? God is standing with open arms beckoning you to come home and find fullness in Him. Waiting hurts, but allowing Him to wrap you in His presence is the most wonderful blessing in the world.

On this journey, my desire is to seek to know the Lord better, to study His word and hear His voice. I will strive to live my life for Him and represent Him well in every circumstance.

Today’s truth: When you feel yourself overcome by evil, take heart. Repentance leads to restoration.


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