A Beautiful Evening

A group of friends, delicious food, a gorgeous sunset, a bonfire and fireworks. That is how this day ended. Sitting around a firepit, out in the country, enjoying God’s beautiful creation and growing together as a group.

As I sat in the darkness looking at the faces glowing in the flickering light of the fire I found myself reflecting on each individual and thinking about how we met, and how each and every one of them has impacted my life in one way or another.  I wondered if they know how much they are appreciated and cared about.

This wondering gave me pause. Why don’t I have confidence that they know? Shouldn’t I communicate to each of them openly about how they have impacted my life? I wondered why I have failed to do that.

June is almost over, my mission this month was to find a way to try to bless someone each day, I think that for the most part I achieved this mission. I may not have been successful, but I tried. My mission for the upcoming weeks and months is to share with each of the people in my life how they have impacted my world.

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