Pain in the Distance

We live in a world where it can take less than six hours to go from one coast to the next in the United States. We live in a disconnected world with family and loved ones spread between states or even continents.

Distance takes its toll on relationships. Relationships that are otherwise healthy and strong, are torn apart by the distance and the inability to reconnect at the end of each day. It takes strength, resolve, commitment and perseverance to weather a long-distance relationship. There is loneliness in the miles separating the love, and sometimes that loneliness is too much.

When a break occurs because of that distance it is easy to forget the depth of the relationship beyond the pain in the distance. True love will hold on to that connection, will remember the good, true love holds out hope in the change of circumstance.

True love waits. It is only a little over a year. I will wait, and if God has in His plan to bring our love back to oneness I will rejoice in our togetherness. If on the other hand His plan is different I will trust that He will prepare my heart for whatever is ahead.

I made a commitment on October 1, 2015. And unless God makes it clear that it is not His plan for me to fulfill my commitment I will keep that commitment.


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