My Brother For A Lifetime

We have all heard the phrase “people come into your life for reason, a season or a lifetime.” But what is interesting is that when people come into your life you don’t know if they are one of those who are here for a little while or if they will be one of the precious few who bring a new level of meaning, understanding and steadfast love into your life. When the moment comes that you recognize that the person sitting beside you or across the table is one of the precious few there comes with it a peace that is immeasurable.

I had one of these moments last night with one of my very dearĀ friends. We have known each other for years but last night was the moment when I looked across at him and realized he is not a friend for a season, he is truly my brother, in Christ and in love.

Trust is not something that comes easily for me. It is a struggle to want to trust but my friend and I have been there for one another through trials, joys, excitement, frustration, anger and pain and through all this a trust has developed. I am thankful for my friend and look forward to many more years with him by my side cheering me on as I grow together with the man I love.



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