Leaving Pieces of Me Behind

I am broken inside. Holding it together is becoming more and more difficult as the realization of my new reality becomes clear. I am alone. My love was not enough. Would it have ever been enough?

I think about myself and why I am alone, I think about the person I am and I feel like I am a good person but maybe I am delusional. Maybe there is something wrong with me that has left me alone.

I have a failed marriage, my daughter won’t talk to me, and now I have a failed engagement. I am the common thread. I am the one constant in all my failures. So I am alone. I used to pretend it was my preference to be alone, but what a waste my life is becoming.

I have hit a wall and shattered. I try to move forward but I find that I am leaving pieces of me behind, I am broken and I have lost it all. I am on the outside looking in at this shell of a life that is disappearing.

I believed. I hoped. I trusted. And now I am alone.

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